Trinity Capital has participated in the foundation, acquisition and sale of companies of different industries in the colombian market. Currently, our portafolio is diversified and composed by the following investments:


Trading company of metallurgical coal and coke in Colombia, with a strong pressence in Cundinamarca, Boyacá a Norte de Santander. Pioneer in research & development of coal and coke, with technical specifications that satisfy and overcome the expectations required by steel companies worldwide. Coquecol is socially responsible and its premise will always be to preserve the environment and the sorrounding communities.

ART – adium ¡An art related experience that people have to live!

Being great enthusiasts of the wonderful world of the arts, we created “ARTadium – No fear, no pretexts”, with two main objectives: 1. Remove the fear there is all around the arts and 2. Boost the talent, creativity and trajectory of three Colombian artists from Medellín. We pretend to create spaces for the people to feel calm and comfortable for them to get excited about what art can offer us. This way, we choose the best work from Paula Toro, Carolina García and Maria Clara Molina, and combined with the best music, the best company and the perfect place, and we are able to create a magnificent event with a different and unique appeal.

Oportunidad Colombia is an Independent Investment Fund, managed by FIDUCIARIA BANCOLOMBIA, which invested its own capital in projects and companies in the financial, logistic and real estate sectors, which have proven trajectory and potential for generating value.

General Direction: Bogotá, Colombia
Activity: Investment Fund
Investment date: June 2011
Website: www.oportunidadcolombia.com

Housing project including 145 apartments and 20 commercial establishments, located in Bogota in one of the zones with greater potential and city development.

Colombian company with more than 21 years of experience, providing national ground transportation service, urban distribution of goods, specialized distribution services, secondary packaging process and distribution Center service.


Multifamily housing project with 40 apartments located in Chicó, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Bogota.

Credit originator company specialized in the automotive sector. Extensive experience both in the design and operation of financing programs to the sector, and in the structuring of insurance programs and other aggregate value products. Company sold to Banco Santander in 2015.


Company committed to provide solutions in all stages of the production process, through the continuous improvement of our packaging service, associated with cost control and internal growth of organizations, and the development of outsourcing as a productive sector.


Futbol Xpo l is a company dedicated to the realization and production of sports related events, mainly belonging to the soccer industry. Its main event is FXPO – the soccer fair, an event that brings together the main sport references, among players, former players, companies, brands, journalists and of course thousands of fans to live a new experience around soccer entertainment.

El Universo del Fútbol S.A.S
General Direction: Bogotá, Colombia
Activity: Promotion of events and entertainment
Investment Date: August 2014
Website: www.futbolxpo.co

Sala Logística de las Américas is an entity whose social objective is the promotion of events, fairs and activities that seek academic, economic and commercial development in the logistics and foreign trade industries, in which the leading companies in these industries participate. Its main event is Expologística, a business and exhibition fair.

Sala Logistica de las Americas S.A.
General Direction: Bogotá, Colombia
Activity: Event Promotion
Investment Date: September 2004
Website: www.expologisticacolombia.com

The “Grupo Heroica” is the chosen proponent for the management and operation of the Cartagena de Indias Convention Center, an icon in this city and in Colombia, thanks to its wide range of services at world-class events and conventions.

Grupo Heroica S.A.S
General Direction: Cartagena, Colombia
Activity: Events and conventions
Investment Date: May 2010
Website: www.cccartagena.com